Make a Raspberry Pi a Bluetooth speaker (part 1) draft
In this two-part article I describe the steps I had to take to make a headless Raspberry Pi 4 a Bluetooth A2DP speaker. My goal was to offer a user-friendly way for anyone in the room to pair its Bluetooth... Read more

Bypassing GitHub's Jekyll limitations
As I feared when I migrated to GitHub’s hosting, it has become too complicated to overcome GitHub’s limitations on Jekyll plugins and features. I just needed to create a collection to put my “live drafts” into it, but the deprecated... Read more

Docker on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 draft
Why Docker is not working out-of-the-box on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 Docker is a virtualization technology, made to allow applications to be independent from the underlying system. However because it is not a full-fledge virtual machine but rather a... Read more

My favorite tools I want to tell the world about
This page lists some tools I’ve been using with success for a while : they may fit your needs as well ! NextCloud NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud) is a very promising software that aims to bring usual cloud services... Read more

Migrating from Drupal to Jekyll
New blog concept ? I write articles about things that required enough amount of work for them to be considered worth sharing. Writing, in turn, also require a fair amount of work to be comprehensive and accurate enough. I have... Read more

Python versus Shell scripting : from experience
A quick “pros & cons” to choose between Python or Shell scripting, from what I’ve observed through the years. This could probably apply to other high level script languages* vs shell. * Like Ruby, but not like Perl, as it... Read more

Sass is a CSS compiler
A year ago I was very excited to get my hands at Sass. I thought it could fill the gaps in coding with CSS : preventing variables duplications, automatic generation of multiple static stylesheets depending on the rendering device (vs... Read more

Scaffolding the Web 2.0
Starting up with Web 2.0 development ? Let’s choose between three essentials tools to begin a new project ! HTML5 Boilerplate HTML5 Boilerplate (a.k.a. H5BP) is the original scaffolding tool by Paul Irish & Co (will have to search for... Read more

Pinned PortableApps on Windows 7
If you are using PortableApps, you might have noticed that some programs like Firefox or PuTTY launched from Windows 7’s task bar starts the system wide installation instead of the PortableApps’s one. This is because when you pin a program... Read more

Comment préparer un oeuf avec Gimp
Voici un petit guide pour dessiner un oeuf avec Gimp. Les techniques décrites ici permettent à la fois de dessiner un oeuf réaliste pour les boulots sérieux (!) et un oeuf type “bande dessinée”, typiquement à usage de gamification ;-)... Read more

How to cook an egg with a Gimp
Here is a tutorial to draw an egg with Gimp. With the following techniques, you will be able to build a realistic egg for a serious business (!) as well as a cartoonish one typically for a gamification usage ;-)... Read more

Unicode essentials for Java draft
Draft ! Today, all developers have heard of Unicode : this character encoding allows all characters of any language in the world. This article outlines the basics of Unicode through some key points for Java developers. It also talks about... Read more

What Are Websockets draft
Why the need for WebSockets ? We already have sockets (C programmers know them well), XMLHttpRequest (core of AJAX techniques), Long polling (like comet, …). So why the need for WebSocket ? Here is an exerpt from the WebSocket RFC’s... Read more

SimpleDateFormat versus xsd:dateTime
Time zones in XML Schema and Java For interoperability reasons, it often makes sense for applications to transmit dates and times as xsd:dateTime strings, as this standard should serve all common cases. XML Schema’s dateString type was inspired by the... Read more

Version control integration for Ubuntu 12.04 deprecated
I’ve been used to great Eclipse plugins to deal with SVN-versionned projects for a long time. Nowadays I’m using Mercurial (a.k.a. Hg) a lot and it became more handy to me to use Tortoise-like products, which integrate directly into the... Read more

Building PyCrypto for Win32 deprecated
This article contains instructions to build PyCrypto 2.6 for Windows XP (32 bits). The PyCrypto library provides Python with implementation for a lot of algorithms for cryptography. It’s very useful. Ubuntu has it by default but if you want to... Read more

A paper backup for your private key
This article focuses on Android and Java keystores, but it applies as well to any key that can be printed as plain text. Before printing a private key, make sure that it is what you need : for instance you... Read more

AddThis for Drupal
This small article might help you to figure out quickly how to work with the AddThis module for Drupal. It is not a substitute to the original documentation : it just provides a concrete view of the configuration process from... Read more

Displaying your tweets on your Drupal blog
Twitter module for Drupal If you want to display your latest tweets on your Drupal blog, you will probably want to use the dedicated Twitter module. Among other features, this module provides a new block type that lists a selection... Read more

Remove the stock apps
Stock apps are the applications installed by default when you buy a branded phone. Most of them are useless, not optimized and have open source alternatives that can protect your privacy. JUST REMOVE THEM. Below, for instance, are listed ring... Read more

Migrating from Subversion to Mercurial
Instructions are aimed at Windows mainly (on Linux it should be easier). Need to migrate from Subversion to Mercurial ? This is a quick guide to migrating an existing SVN repository to a new Hg one. It takes 2 major... Read more

HttpClient 3.x : a portable SSL Socket Factory implementation
I*M Hell I was just trying to implement client and server authentication over SSL on IBM Websphere 6 (JRE 1.4.2)… Problems started to happen with a : Error in loading the keystore: Private key decryption error: (java.lang.SecurityException: Unsupported keysize... Read more

Small devices are ignored
This has been annoying me since the beginning : small screen devices are not taken into account by the vast majority of apps editors. Worse : despite Google’s pleading about size-caring (see, they recommend patterns that actually don’t fit... Read more

Where Android Market stores the downloaded .apk
Today I ran into a small problem that might happen sometimes : trying to benefit from a 2 day-only offer to download for free Duke Nukem 3d (just for fun, I don’t think it’s going to be the killer app... Read more

How to organise XML resources
This is a technical article aimed at Android developers. It does not require a lot of background on Android XML resources, but if you don’t understand something just check out the official docs. The first time I read Android developer... Read more

Tweaking Android Notifications deprecated
This is a technical article aimed at Android developers. It deals with undocumented features of the Android API and derives from experimental work. You can browse and download the sample code included in this article at For SwitchDataSwitch, I... Read more