This page lists some tools I’ve been using with success for while : they may fit your needs as well !


NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud) is a very promising software that aims to bring usual cloud services to the home.

However, it’s based on pluggable features that are not always stable. Here are the ones I’m using on a day-to-day basis :

  • web interface to access my own files (however synchronization, backup and other features on files are not yet useable in my opinion)
  • calendar (coupled with DAVDroid and any Android calendar it has all features Google Calendar has, except event import from/sharing to email)
  • contacts (really excellent)
  • news (use with a RSS/Atom reader on your mobile)
  • bookmarks


Twidere is definitely the only one, perfect, Twitter Android client for me (and I’ve been searching a lot). It’s open source. It handles every single feature I need.

I’ve been using it for years… And since it happens to be very good also at Mastodon I do continue to use it every day.