Hi, I'm nicobo, a Software Engineer.
I'm interested into whatever is called technology and this is my lab's log. -- more about this

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Make a Raspberry Pi a Bluetooth speaker (part 1) draft
In this two-part article I describe the steps I had to take to make a headless Raspberry Pi 4 a Bluetooth A2DP speaker. My goal was to offer a user-friendly way for anyone in the room to pair its Bluetooth... Read more

Bypassing GitHub's Jekyll limitations
As I feared when I migrated to GitHub’s hosting, it has become too complicated to overcome GitHub’s limitations on Jekyll plugins and features. I just needed to create a collection to put my “live drafts” into it, but the deprecated... Read more

Docker on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 draft
Why Docker is not working out-of-the-box on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 Docker is a virtualization technology, made to allow applications to be independent from the underlying system. However because it is not a full-fledge virtual machine but rather a... Read more

My favorite tools I want to tell the world about
This page lists some tools I’ve been using with success for a while : they may fit your needs as well ! NextCloud NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud) is a very promising software that aims to bring usual cloud services... Read more