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Speed up your automated Docker builds with GitHub Actions draft

Docker & cats illustration by bloglaurel - https://www.deviantart.com/bloglaurel/art/Happy-International-Cat-Day-697676638

Docker & cats illustration by bloglaurel - https://www.deviantart.com/bloglaurel/art/Happy-International-Cat-Day-697676638


The universally advertized way of building Docker images with GitHub is to set up a GitHub Actions workflow.

Github Actions (GA) is actually very easy to use but nonetheless still under heavy development.

Unfortunately, almost all tutorials out there are based on (the same) very simplistic use cases. I just couldn’t get it right by simply following them : I’ve literally spent hours to test and understand how to leverage the cache action for Docker multi-stage builds.

I hope this post will be useful to anyone with a similar use case.

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Make a Raspberry Pi a Bluetooth speaker (part 1) draft

Bluetooth logo

In this two-part article I describe the steps I had to take to make a headless Raspberry Pi 4 a Bluetooth A2DP speaker.

My goal was to offer a user-friendly way for anyone in the same room to pair its Bluetooth smartphone with the Raspberry Pi and play music through it, while making sure the neighbors won’t be able to connect without approval.

To output music, you can connect a Hi-Fi system to...

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Bypassing GitHub's Jekyll limitations

As I feared when I migrated to GitHub’s hosting, it has become too complicated to overcome GitHub’s limitations on Jekyll plugins and features.

I just needed to create a collection to put my “live drafts” into it, but the deprecated jekyll-paginate plugin provided with GitHub pages didn’t support collections.

I therefore switched to offline-building my site and pushing the generated static files to GitHub, which now serves them without Jekyll processing. I still use Jekyll to generate...

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Docker on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 draft

Why Docker is not working out-of-the-box on Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

Docker is a virtualization technology, made to allow applications to be independent from the underlying system. However because it is not a full-fledge virtual machine but rather a proxy to system resources leveraging on Linux kernel’s virtualization features, it does not provide a total independance from the system’s CPU architecture.

This is a problem with Raspberry Pi because most of the Docker images around are built for...

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