I’ve been used to great Eclipse plugins to deal with SVN-versionned projects for a long time.

Nowadays I’m using Mercurial (a.k.a. Hg) a lot and it became more handy to me to use Tortoise-like products, which integrate directly into the OS’ file manager.

I’ve come to use the following solutions for the different platforms I’m working with (on Ubuntu 12.04).

Mercurial for Nautilus

TortoiseHg works fine, but I had to add a script to have the corresponding “Actions” menu with a right click on a file : hg.ice-os.com/nautilus_mercurial_scripts

Mercurial for Dolphin

After some problems copying big files through USB and others, I realized that Nautilus was prone to copy errors so I decided to get back to Konqueror / Dolphin.

Unfortunately, Dolphin is not as much advanced as Konqueror was in KDE 3.x, so I also had to find a way to add a “Service Menu” for TortoiseHg : bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/hgtk/issue/1270/better-integration-in-kde4

Git for Nautilus

RabbitVCS looks nice, but I’ve not tested it a lot : www.rabbitvcs.org