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HttpClient 3.x : a portable SSL Socket Factory implementation
I*M Hell I was just trying to implement client and server authentication over SSL on IBM Websphere 6 (JRE 1.4.2)… Problems started to happen with a : java.io.IOException: Error in loading the keystore: Private key decryption error: (java.lang.SecurityException: Unsupported keysize... Read more

Small devices are ignored
This has been annoying me since the beginning : small screen devices are not taken into account by the vast majority of apps editors. Worse : despite Google’s pleading about size-caring (see developer.android.com/design), they recommend patterns that actually don’t fit... Read more

Where Android Market stores the downloaded .apk
Today I ran into a small problem that might happen sometimes : trying to benefit from a 2 day-only offer to download for free Duke Nukem 3d (just for fun, I don’t think it’s going to be the killer app... Read more

How to organise XML resources
This is a technical article aimed at Android developers. It does not require a lot of background on Android XML resources, but if you don’t understand something just check out the official docs. The first time I read Android developer... Read more