Hi, I'm nicobo, a Software Engineer.
I'm interested into whatever is called technology and this is my lab's log. -- more about this

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Pinned PortableApps on Windows 7
If you are using PortableApps, you might have noticed that some programs like Firefox or PuTTY launched from Windows 7’s task bar starts the system wide installation instead of the PortableApps’s one. This is because when you pin a program... Read more

Comment préparer un oeuf avec Gimp
Voici un petit guide pour dessiner un oeuf avec Gimp. Les techniques décrites ici permettent à la fois de dessiner un oeuf réaliste pour les boulots sérieux (!) et un oeuf type “bande dessinée”, typiquement à usage de gamification ;-)... Read more

How to cook an egg with a Gimp
Here is a tutorial to draw an egg with Gimp. With the following techniques, you will be able to build a realistic egg for a serious business (!) as well as a cartoonish one typically for a gamification usage ;-)... Read more

Unicode essentials for Java draft
Draft ! Today, all developers have heard of Unicode : this character encoding allows all characters of any language in the world. This article outlines the basics of Unicode through some key points for Java developers. It also talks about... Read more