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I'm interested into whatever is called technology and this is my lab's log. -- more about this

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A paper backup for your private key
This article focuses on Android and Java keystores, but it applies as well to any key that can be printed as plain text. Before printing a private key, make sure that it is what you need : for instance you... Read more

AddThis for Drupal
This small article might help you to figure out quickly how to work with the AddThis module for Drupal. It is not a substitute to the original documentation : it just provides a concrete view of the configuration process from... Read more

Displaying your tweets on your Drupal blog
Twitter module for Drupal If you want to display your latest tweets on your Drupal blog, you will probably want to use the dedicated Twitter module. Among other features, this module provides a new block type that lists a selection... Read more

Migrating from Subversion to Mercurial
Instructions are aimed at Windows mainly (on Linux it should be easier). Need to migrate from Subversion to Mercurial ? This is a quick guide to migrating an existing SVN repository to a new Hg one. It takes 2 major... Read more