The idea of this little script is to allow users to display their Mastodon timeline on their blog/website.


  • jQuery
  • access token from the mastodon instance you want to display the timeline from

You can use our wizard to generate an access token very easily. Simply follow the link below:’s Mastodon Widget Wizard


1) Download the required files (JS and CSS files in the archive).

2) Simply paste the code bellow in you website:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="mastodon.widget.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="mastodon.widget.js"></script>
	$(document).ready(function() {
		// jQUERY is required!
		var mapi = new MastodonApi({
			target_selector          : '#myTimeline'
			,instance_uri            : '[MASTODON INSTANCE]'
			,access_token            : '[ACCESS TOKEN]'
			,account_id              : '[ACCOUNT ID]'
			// === optional parameters ===
			//,toots_limit           : 5
			// samples below require
			//,pic_icon              : '<i class="fa fa-picture-o"></i>'
			//,boosts_count_icon     : '<i class="fa fa-retweet"></i>'
			//,favourites_count_icon : '<i class="fa fa-star"></i>'

In the sample above, you have to replace the folowing:

  • [MASTODON INSTANCE] => i.e :
  • [ACCESS TOKEN] => token you created for your app and linked with your Mastodon instance account
  • [ACCOUNT ID] => your user ID on Mastodon instance

3) Add a container for your timeline where you want in the body of your website:

    <div id="myTimeline" class="mastodon-timeline mastodon-timeline-dark"></div>

Instead of the theme mastodon-timeline-dark, we provide a light theme mastodon-timeline-light as well.

Available parameters

The parameters below are optional.

Parameter name Default Explanation
toots_limit 20 maximum number of visible toots
pic_icon [picture] icon to be displayed when medias are attached
boosts_count_icon [boost] boosts count status header entry
favourites_count_icon [favourite] favourites count status header entry

Regarding pic_icon, you can use an image you have on your server like so: <img src="mypicicon.gif" />.
Or you can also use font-awesome and set <i class="fa fa-picture-o"></i>.
Same goes for boosts_count_icon and favourites_count_icon.


You have the choice between 2 basic themes:

  • mastodon-timeline-light
  • mastodon-timeline-dark

Or you can create your own. Please have a look in the CSS file for more details.

Languages supported

In a separate file, you can setup the text to support a different language.
For example, in the Japanese file mastodon.widget-jp.js we can find the folowing settings:

MastodonApi.text = {
	spoilerBtnClosed  : "もっと見る"
	,spoilerBtnOpened : "隠す"
	,nsfwLabel        : "閲覧注意"
	,nsfwViewMsg      : "クリックして表示"

Please be sure to insert the translation javascript file <script> tag after mastodon.widget.js.