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Unicode essentials for Java
Draft ! Today, all developers have heard of Unicode : this character encoding allows all characters of any language in the world. This article outlines the basics of Unicode through some key points for Java developers. It also talks about... Read more

SimpleDateFormat versus xsd:dateTime
Time zones in XML Schema and Java For interoperability reasons, it often makes sense for applications to transmit dates and times as xsd:dateTime strings, as this standard should serve all common cases. XML Schema’s dateString type was inspired by the... Read more

Version control integration for Ubuntu 12.04
I’ve been used to great Eclipse plugins to deal with SVN-versionned projects for a long time. Nowadays I’m using Mercurial (a.k.a. Hg) a lot and it became more handy to me to use Tortoise-like products, which integrate directly into the... Read more

Building PyCrypto for Win32
This article contains instructions to build PyCrypto 2.6 for Windows XP (32 bits). The PyCrypto library provides Python with implementation for a lot of algorithms for cryptography. It’s very useful. Ubuntu has it by default but if you want to... Read more