Hi, I'm nicobo, a Software Engineer.
I'm interested into whatever is called technology and this is my lab's log. -- more about this

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My favorite tools I want to tell the world
This page lists some tools I’ve been using with success for while : they may fit your needs as well ! NextCloud NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud) is a very promising software that aims to bring usual cloud services to... Read more

Migrating from Drupal to Jekyll
New blog concept ? I have to admit that I don’t have time to write full articles. Therefore this blog is going to show more unfinished (and shorter) articles ! I will maybe include some banner saying something like “This... Read more

Python versus Shell scripting : from experience
A quick “pros & cons” to choose between Python or Shell scripting, from what I’ve observed through the years. This could probably apply to other high level script languages* vs shell. * Like Ruby, but not like Perl, as it... Read more

Sass is a CSS compiler
A year ago I was very excited to get my hands at Sass. I thought it could fill the gaps in coding with CSS : preventing variables duplications, automatic generation of multiple static stylesheets depending on the rendering device (vs... Read more